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Permanent Residency Application

Permanent residence includes the right to social benefits, study and get employed by most companies or build a business for yourself in your dream country.

Student Visa Application

International programs are designed for someone planning to study, teach, intern, or volunteer abroad. Most international students are granted work permits to help sustain their school fees.

Permanent Residency Application with job search support

Countries like Canada offers fast-track immigration programs that allows employers in certain areas in Canada to hire foreign nationals.

"All of their consultants are very professional and I can't wait to be sharing photos and videos of my journey as a dreamer whom they have helped to move to Canada"

Jane Ono


We help people achieve their dreams to relocate internationally.

Dream Pathway International is a team of immigration experts who specializes in providing pathways to aspiring immigrants to countries like Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.


They are trained and well-experienced in processing and giving strategic steps to help individuals and families realize their dream to relocate in some of the world’s top countries for permanent residencies.


Whether you’re curious about the process or you simply want to know if you are qualified, we’re here to answer any questions.